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We Need Volunteers!


We need your help!

Please email Jennie King if you are able to help support our program in one or more of the following areas:

MIFBC Volunteer Positions and Committees

End zone camera operator - need 1-2

Additional person to assist with Hudl (game film) - need 1

Additional scoreboard operator (home games) - need 1

Chain Gang
  • Varsity – Kevin Fitzwilson 
  • JVC – Looking for someone to fill this role (1 lead and 3 volunteers for home games)
Social Media 
  • Manage Twitter account - Eric Myklebust
  • Manage Instagram and Facebook accounts - Need 1-2 people
  • Varsity – Dave Wisenteiner
  • JVC – open
  • Andrea Fitzwilson 2021 
  • Looking for someone to train and take over in 2022
Islander Nation
  • Andrea Fitzwilson 2021
  • Looking for someone to train and take over in 2022
Game Day Media Guide 
  • Amie Fahey
  • Shannon Savage
  • Coordinating with Andrea Fitzwilson
Islander Team Camp
  • Erin Krawiec
  • Karen Durner
  • Coordinating with Jennie King
Equipment Check-out
  • Jennie King
  • Andrea Fitzwilson
Weekly Team Meals
Islander Football Jamboree / BBQ 
  • Robyn Hsu
  • Lynn Athens
Concessions at Islander Stadium - full
  • Jen Headrick
  • Liz Buchan
  • Coordinating with Jennie King
End of Season Ceremony and Banquet - full
  • Jennell Fuchs
  • Brooke Catano
  • Melissa Neher
  • Lynn Athens
  • Patty Brown
  • Coordinating with Andrea Fitzwilson
Auction– FULL
  • Jennie King & Chanyn Kirtman
  • Kelly Rogan
  • Leslie Schreck
  • Angie Chatalas
  • Sarah Rowe
  • Robyn Hsu
  • Khue Dang
  • Jaimie Shea
Team Liaisons
  • Varsity – Missy Johnson
  • JVC – Pam Shavey
  • Stephanie Kornblum
Senior Night
  • Mo Drayton
  • Jen Williamson
Game Day Operations
  • Aaron Kornblum
  • Jennie King


ALL FOOD IS PROVIDED BY THE BOOSTER CLUB! Sign up to help with set up, serving and clean-up. This is a fun way to spend time with the players and coaches as they get ready for game day!