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Mercer Island Youth Football Program

JR. Football Pre-Registration
and Summer Camps!


Please pre-register NOW for Fall Football so MIBGC can plan for and organize potential teams!


To pre-register please complete the brief form by going to:  Once it is confirmed that we will have a season all players will be registered by BGC staff in our online registration system if they already have an account.

First and foremost, our number one concern is the health and welfare of the children in our care. We are taking every precaution set forth by the CDC and King County Health. All Camps will run with a 9:1 ratio. There will be screening before entry (temperature will be taken with questions about health) and, parents and unauthorized personnel will not be permitted inside the building. We want to create a safe and fun environment for kids to have this summer.
We have limited the capacities for our camps to enable us to follow the guidelines. If you have questions about any of the camps please email:
We look forward to seeing you this Summer!

Flag Football Camps w/Coach Courtney Taylor

JULY 27th-31st from 9am to noon
AUGUST 10th-14th from 9am to noon


Youth Sophomores Fired Up!

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2017 All Program photo by Corry Clayville

Youth Football Vision and Mission Statement

Vision:  Create a Junior Football Legacy on Mercer Island

Mission:  Foster a love of football for our teams, fans and throughout Mercer Island community.  Our success will come from consistent reinforcement of positive coaching on every level that focuses on game fundamentals, safety, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Our hope is that our Mercer Island Junior Football program will provide lasting lessons our players will have throughout their lives.


A. To provide every player the opportunity to learn the game of football, in competition with players of compatible age and weight.

B.  To provide instruction on the rules, methods of proper contact and fundamentals (blocking, tackling, running, etc) of the game.

C.  To provide maximum protection and safety through proper supervision and equipment, realizing this is a contact sport.


Greater Eastside Junior Football Association

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