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Mercer Island Youth Football Program

2019 MI Tackle Football REGISTRATION

The MIBGC tackle football program is run through the Greater Eastside Junior Football Association (GEJFA) and competes against teams from the Eastside. 

Any child who registers for the Fall Football Season will be measured for a VICIS helmet by a certified VICIS Representative which that youth will use during the 2019 Fall football season! 

August 5th – First Practice (teams practice five days a week)

Week of September 3rd – Practices reduced to three days a week

September 7th – First Games

October 19th – Last Regular Season Game

October 26th – Playoffs or Matchup Games Begin (depends on the team’s record)

November 2nd – Playoffs and last Matchup Games (last game for most teams)

November 17th – GEJFA Championships (last possible game) 

Tackle Football is a comprehensive team sport. It requires a large commitment from both the players and parents. If you register for tackle football, you are committing to the team and program from the first day of practice through the end of the season. We strongly recommend that you do not take vacation after practice starts. (August 5th). If you are playing another sport, you cannot skip practices or games for that other sport. Missed practice time (for any reason) will result in missed playing time in the game. Beyond the effects missed practices have on the growth of the player and team, it also affects the safety of your child and the other players on his/her team. If you have further questions about the commitment tackle football requires, please contact the athletics office. 

When: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Starting 08/12/2019

Price: $400.00

Open Sign Up: 03/26/2019 


  1. click on the link below to go to the Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club website
  2. once there, go to 'Programs' on the top menu
  3. select 'Athletics' from the drop down menu
  4. scroll down the page and select 'Register'
  5. make sure that the 'Location' field is listed as 'Mercer Island'
  6. do a program search for 'tackle football' 
  7. '2019 Junior Tackle Football Registration' should show up with a link to register

Youth Sophomores Fired Up!

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2017 All Program photo by Corry Clayville

Youth Football Vision and Mission Statement

Vision:  Create a Junior Football Legacy on Mercer Island

Mission:  Foster a love of football for our teams, fans and throughout Mercer Island community.  Our success will come from consistent reinforcement of positive coaching on every level that focuses on game fundamentals, safety, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Our hope is that our Mercer Island Junior Football program will provide lasting lessons our players will have throughout their lives.


A. To provide every player the opportunity to learn the game of football, in competition with players of compatible age and weight.

B.  To provide instruction on the rules, methods of proper contact and fundamentals (blocking, tackling, running, etc) of the game.

C.  To provide maximum protection and safety through proper supervision and equipment, realizing this is a contact sport.


Greater Eastside Junior Football Association

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