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    May 25 - MAY 31

    Challenge:  Do something active outside each day! Spend 30-60 minutes of your day being active outside.  There are seven daily activities listed,  but you are free to do them in any order. Remember to follow current state and local guidelines for your safety and the safety of others.
    Monday: Hill sprints x 10 (find a local hill and sprint 10 reps)
    Tuesday: Jog/Walk (constant movement for at least 30 mins)
    Wednesday: Stair sprints (final a local staircase w/min of 10 steps)
    Thursday: Local Park Workout - 100 pushups/100 bench dips/20 bench jumps/Rear foot elevated split squats - 50 each leg/Bench step-ups, alternating - 20 each leg.
    Friday: 10 x 40 yard sprints (find a field or closed street nearby and measure out (approximate) 40 yards or 120 feet
    Saturday: Go on a hike (find a local trail w/a minimum of one mile in length)
    Sunday: Athlete's choice! Get outside and get active - hike, bike, run, kayak, do yard work, or workout for at least 30 minutes. 
    Reminder:  Send your weekly challenge results via email to Coach Sledge ( on Sunday by 3pm. Please indicate how many days of the week you completed the challenge in the format of 3/7, 6/7, etc.

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