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...FOR NEW EQUIPMENT AND MI FOOTBALL SWAG FOR YOUR FAMILY! And donate $1K+ for a parking spot to all home games.

70% of your fellow football Islanders donate to the football program. Please join them and support the kids and their quest for greatness. 

Donations will go towards new helmets, shoulder pads and jerseys for all ages...and more.



A note from the coach

Coach Mims: "I coach because I am passionate about the game of football and because I enjoy pouring wisdom and knowledge into our youth. Coaching isn't a hobby for me, it is more of a lifestyle. I put everything I have into building a successful program, developing  student athletes, Creating job opportunities for my coaches/peers, and making this a fun environment for the kids. "

"Success Isn't owned, it's leased and rent is due everyday"  #ALLIN 

Donate today. 



Set up a SportsEngine account if you don't already have one! This allows you to register players for BFS and Team Camp, get your player rostered, order Spirit Packs and receive timely program and schedule updates via email and/or text. Click here.

Join the Islander Nation newsletter distribution list, click here.

MIHS football schedule/key dates, click here.

For a complete list of important program communication tools, click here 

Booster Club Membership and fundraising info, click here.

Have questions? For a comprehensive Program Overview and FAQ, please review the document attached below.

Still have questions? Please email

MIHS Football Program Communication Tools

This document gives a detailed overview of our program communication tools, and provides all necessary links and instructions for getting you/your student-athlete connected! Sign up to receive Islander Nation, get your SportsEngine account set-up, follow us on sociall media, etc.

Key Dates for MIHS Football Program

Overview of our football program schedule - key dates and events. Mark your calendars (but also be aware of updates as some dates may change)!


DJ Mims, Head Coach & outside WR's

Mo Drayton, DC & Line

Darryl Valdez “DV”, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Inside WRs (Slots) 

Christian Chambers, OC & RB's Coach

DaVante Peterson, QB Coach 

Eric Blohm, ILB Coach 

Vic Gamboa, DB Coach

Joe Martin, OLB Coach

Weight Training (aka. BFS)

Register for Weight training (aka. BFS). Big improvements were seen during the winter! The team that won the Winter attendance competition are going to have some sweet gear awarded to them.

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