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Junior Football Program


Fall Football registration is OPEN!

Click HERE to sign up!

Congratulations to Mason Azose and the Youth JV Program - 2022 Champions! 


Pictures here

Youth Sophomores Highlight Reel!

Questions about the Junior Football Program?

Please contact Becky Shaddle at the MI Boys and Girls Club

Junior Football Vision and Mission Statement

Vision:  Create a Junior Football Legacy on Mercer Island

Mission:  Foster a love of football for our teams, fans and throughout Mercer Island community.  Our success will come from consistent reinforcement of positive coaching on every level that focuses on game fundamentals, safety, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Our hope is that our Mercer Island Junior Football program will provide lasting lessons our players will have throughout their lives.


A. To provide every player the opportunity to learn the game of football, in competition with players of compatible age and weight.

B.  To provide instruction on the rules, methods of proper contact and fundamentals (blocking, tackling, running, etc) of the game.

C.  To provide maximum protection and safety through proper supervision and equipment, realizing this is a contact sport.


Becky Shaddle

Operations Director

Phone: (206) 232-4548